How to bypass Google FRP lock on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus – Android 9 (AKA Pie) – Security Patch: April2019.

After more than a year, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is still a powerhouse flagship and a lot of Samsung fans didn’t update their devices yet. And one of the reasons to make this phone that special is security. And more specifically antitheft protection: Factory reset protection or simply FRP.

FRP is automatically activated when you set up a Google™ Account on your device. Once FRP is activated, it prevents use of a device after a factory data reset, until you log in using a Google username and password previously set up on the device.

This makes a lot of Android user in trouble especially those who always forget their passwords. And if you are one of them don’t worry here is a video tutorial to learn how to bypass this lock without being a professional and without using a computer, just download the requirements and follow the steps on the bellow video:


  1. Google Account Manager

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