what is Google FRP

What is Google FRP, and how to bypass it?

When you lose your phone, the most important problem is your data not t he phone it self. This is why Google added a new protection mesure called FRP, If your phone is ever lost or stolen, this service protects your phone from unauthorized factory data resets by using your Google account information to verify your identity.

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is a Google device Protection enabled automatically when you add a Google account to your phone and set a Lock screen. When an unauthorized reset gets performed on your phone, you will be required to sign into the last Google account that was used before the reset.

So even if your device is reseted or formatted from the recovery, the FRP will pop-up with the this message:

“This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.”

How to bypass Google FRP on Huawei new devices – EMUI: 9.1.0 – Jan 2020

And now here are some useful informations you must know about FRP:

  1. If you want to factory reset your device, you should ensure that you still remember your Google account email and password because you’ll provide them at the end of the reset.
  2. If you want to factory reset your device but don’t remember your password, you can do the following:
    – Reset your Google password.
    – Remove the Google account before you reset your device.
  3. If you’ve reset your Android device and didn’t remember your Google account name and /or password, do the following:
    – If you only know your Google account username, then reset your password. It may take 24 hours for the new password to sync with all your registered devices, then verify Google account using the new password.
    – If you have multiple Google account and can’t remember which of them you’re using on the device, then log on to Android Device Manager using each of the accounts details to check if the device is listed in the account.
    – If you can’t remember the Google account username, you can send the device to an authorized Android device center with proof of purchase. They will use a special tool and reopen the device.

And if none of the above solutions is working to unlock your device you can use the search option on our site to find a free tutorial to bypass the FRP lock on your phone or tablet.

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